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Personally I have went to war against people parking on the sidewalk and street clearly posted with 'No Parking". This all started about 3 years ago as I was watching kids cross the TIB ( Tukwila International Blvd ) at S.140th St. Cars were being left on the side of the road in a "No parking" zone forcing cars to go around in a high traffic area with our kids in the middle.
Then as you come to the stop sign of S.140th St and TIB looking into South bound traffic you see cars parked on the side walk. Not only is this blocking the view of traffic but, it is putting more of the public in danger. Its UNSAFE not just for drivers, but our children having to cross over this street daily for school!
After doing what I could on my own I decided I needed help. I gathered some pictures (that took only 20 minutes to take) of the violations, set out to speak with our city council. After hearing my testimony and seeing the clear disregard's for our community, its children and safety action is being taken to step up code enforcement.
I want to thank the council members and Public Work Department for taking swift action in this matter. We can only hope we can do enough in time with out anything drastic happening to our neighbors. The war still goes on for a better community and public safety of us all.

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Comment by Chuck Parrish on May 5, 2014 at 10:04am

I have been meaning to comment and just got busy. I was present when Robert spoke to the council. He did an excellent job. He defined the problem, presented photographs, and cited the Tukwila Municipal Code that he thought most relevant to the situation. In addition, his daughter was with him. What a a great way to model civic involvement! If you would like to see the video, go to tukwilawa.gov, click the Tukwila 21 clackerboard on the right hand side, select April 21 (if I remember correctly) and when the video begins, navigate to the citizen comments section by selecting the agenda item. Robert, hope you will provide feedback about response from the city on this issue. PS: Thanks for limiting the size of the photographs to under 200kb. That was perfect.

Comment by Robert Simmons on May 11, 2014 at 8:03pm

The response from the city council was positive and hopeful. It was heartwarming to know the members of the council lived in the same area as I do and understood the importance of this matter. Since that day the Public Works Department has checked the signs on S 140th St, and found them to be legally posted at proper height. Follow up with Bob Giberson the director for PWD informed me to keep calling into the Tukwila Police Department non emergency line to report any cars parked illegally in the area. He also said this matter is being taken up with TPD to patrol more frequent.
The overall results activity has slowed down some, but still continues. The owner of the barber shop on the corner of TIB and S. 140th St. paid for a sign he sets out daily reading "Please No Parking on the Sidewalk". The owner and I spoke briefly after I first seen the sign. We both agreed the parking issue was getting out of hand and it was up to us as neighbors to support our community.
I walked by the fence surveying the new damage that has recently occurred and I am not sure how much longer the fence will stand. I personally think that each illegally parked car cited with a violation should also be charged with damaged to personal property, to help pay for the replacement of each home owners section of fence destroyed by vehicle's illegally parking by it.
I reach out to you my fellow community to speak up and call TPD non emergency at 253-852-2121 if you see anyone parking in this area. The more calls the more awareness we will raise to get it stopped.
More to follow..........


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